Too much mud to handle

This past weekend, I attended what is known as a mud run. People all across Southern Wisconsin wake up extremely early on a Sunday morning, don their crappiest workout clothes and proceed to run through five miles of obstacle course nonsense, followed by a mad dash through nasty, cold, sopping wet mud.

Eww gross.

He will probs kill me for posting this.

And yet, the Madison Mud Run of 2011 saw over 1,000 participants. Must be a Wisconsin thing. Ha, kidding. Sort of.

Either way, I was witness to this whole event and despite my early morning grumblings and crabby attitude due to the cold and wind, I still have to give credit to all those who participated; especially because I know I will never be one of them.


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2 responses to “Too much mud to handle

  1. Lori

    Eww, I’m with you — yucky!!

  2. Bob Gath

    Nice job Josh not bad for a non south sider

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