A family affair

On Friday, I trekked from the Chicago Lawn neighborhood all the way North to Ravenswood (as mentioned here) to meet some family for pizza at a charming little place called Spacca Napoli.

My uncle who lives in Portland was in town so it was a real treat to get to see him and everyone else, except for my dad who was lame and stayed in; which resulted in a hilarious little texting match between him and my aunt. It was probably my cousin, however, who stole the spotlight, per usual, (Prodigal Son – am I right, Kel?) when my aunt called him out for being just a little bit tips.

Even better, I discovered this charming place across the street from the restaurant, called Urban Pooch. Sounds like my kind of place. I’m not so sure Frasier would fit in, though.

A canine life center; doubtful Frasier would fit in.

The only people missing (besides my dad) were these two:

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One response to “A family affair

  1. bob

    No not lame but previous engagement and too north side for my taste,the best pizza is on the south side everyone knows that.
    And the other two were not missing they are always there. I hear them both every day.

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