A not so secret garden

Last week, a co-worker asked if I wanted to share a garden plot with her at Marquette Park, on Chicago’s Southwest side. While I kind of hate dirt and have no experience whatsoever in gardening, it sounded like a fun idea.

So on Saturday, in return for helping her weed her own yard, my mom carefully picked out some plants for me to grow. Armed with a cantaloupe plant, several jalapeño peppers, some zucchini, and a few marigolds to help ward off pesky bunnies and squirrels, (and my dad – it is the South side after all) I started my very first garden. I still don’t like the dirt, but I’m excited for my crops to grow!

[top image via wikipedia]


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3 responses to “A not so secret garden

  1. Bob Gath

    Thank You

  2. Nicole

    Awesome!!! So exciting!

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