The best kind of park

A few weeks back, Oak Lawn opened its very first dog park. Obviously, Frasier and I attended, and despite some questionable policies, I think I can safely say there will be many visits in the future. There’s plenty of open grass space to roam around in, a water fountain for both the dogs and the humans, plenty of seating, free poop bags, and of course it’s all completely fenced in.

There are plenty of these statues situated around the park (notice Frasier creeping in the back)

But the best part? Watching all of the dogs interact with one another. So far, each time we’ve gone, every dog (and most of the people too) have been friendly and polite. And even though Frasier chooses to ignore the other dogs in favor of exploring on his own, while peeing over every square inch of the place, it’s still a good time for all.

Yes, those hydrants are purely decorative. Yes, Frasier peed on all of them.

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  1. Bob Gath

    The question of the day is which owner does his lead from?

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