What she thinks

Wrapping a present.
Who would make such hideous pink flowered, wrapping paper?
Sorry cousin, it’s your gift.
This was all there was.
Brushing the dog > wrapping gifts.
Why, though, does this dog not enjoy being brushed?
He looks 9340283 better with soft fluffy hair, over scraggly wiry hair.
The average cost of a small Dunkin Donuts iced coffee should not exceed .99. Ever.
A friend today claimed coffee is the worst thing you can put in your body, including alcohol.
She says she heard this from a doctor.
I believe her, and him, but why is coffee so delicious? Especially Dunkin Donuts coffee.
It just tastes better.
Guilty pleasures.
Iced coffee and bad TV.
Does anyone remember the TLC show, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant?
This was the topic of many fits of giggles at dinner this evening.
I think we made the older gentleman sitting next to us get up and leave.
But, seriously, come on. It’s just too funny.

I wonder if they're laughing about ridiculous reality television too.

Although, I don’t think that’s what TLC was going for.
It wasn’t destined to be a classic anyways.
One day I would like to be a regular at a favorite restaurant.
To talk about silly things that have nothing to do with anything, eat good food, leave bad tips (like I think I may have accidentally done tonight), and still be invited back.
Like the kind of regular you only find in TV shows.
Like Cheers.
Or Friends.
Or How I Met Your Mother.
Or Gilmore Girls.
Definitely Gilmore Girls.


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3 responses to “What she thinks

  1. Kelly

    Hideous pink flowers, eh? Awesome.

    Also, coffee is definitely NOT the worst thing you can put in your body. In FACT, it’s been proven as helping to prevent certain types of cancers and heart problems. It even helps prevent dementia…which in our family means we should be chugging it by the gallon. All of this, of course, implies that you don’t put 234879032 things in your coffee….

    Also, lets be regulars at some great chicago place together….because i’ve always wanted that too….

  2. Erin Banco

    This post makes me miss you Caitlin! Hope you are doing well in Chicago!

  3. Bob Gath

    Depending upon who you talk to or what you read anything you put in your body is bad for you. As for coffee there are studies that will tell you that it is good for you. Rosebud for me I still can get treated like a regular. Makes me hungry for pasta could be a road trip this weekend to rush and superior.

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