American Girl Place is still awesome

Back in grade school, American girl dolls were the quintessential toy every little girl just had to have. They were more than just your average doll (i.e. you weren’t allowed to cut their hair or pull off their arms because they were an actual investment – $100 per doll!) plus they attempted to teach girls across the country about important historical events and build self-esteem at the same time.

So when my cousin needed to pick up a doll for a relative, I was more than excited to go with to the infamous American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue. Being back in the store was over-the-top and completely self-indulgent, but also incredibly fun. With a doll hair salon, photo studio, hospital and cafe, it was more than enough to fulfill any little girl’s dream. But the best part? There is now an American Girl Pet Place. AND there’s a cute little dog named Pepper (available for just $20) who looks just like my Frasier. I died.

If you really want to have a good laugh, check out this article and see what your American girl says about you.

I want this pooch.

Obviously the best one.

Yes, they have American Girl DVDs now.


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2 responses to “American Girl Place is still awesome

  1. Bob Gath

    This is what an educated young lady now writes about. LOL

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