Massage envy

Unfortunately, I’ve never had a professional massage, which is kind of surprising, even to myself. I grew up with a grandma who spoiled me rotten with endless back scratches and massages when I was little; I would have done anything as long as a back scratch was involved.

Flash forward to this evening when after running an errand with my mom, we stumbled across a place called La Vida Massage. Located nearby right in Willowbrook, we were pleasantly surprised to find inexpensive prices, a friendly staff, a peaceful and inviting atmosphere and a free tour of each of the rooms. For a mere $40, you can get a full 60-minute massage session. If my cheap self decides to oblige, I’d say that’s money well spent.

A professional massage must feel this good.

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  1. Kelly

    HOW have you never gotten massage?!?!? They are SO worth it!!! Granted, I only get one every six months or so…but there are some great ways to get them!!! Downers g. Has some awesome places!!! Plus groupon sells them uber cheap!!!

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