Quest for a perfect taco

Aside from sandwiches and bagels, tacos are by far one of my most favorite foods. While I am (surprisingly) of Hispanic heritage, I think it was my early childhood devotion to Taco Bell that cemented my love. Thankfully since then my taco taste palette has matured and I’ve grown accustomed to a more authentic variety of tacos.

Recently, however, I’ve been on the search for the next best taco. Working in the West Lawn community presents itself with many opportunities, but it can be difficult to know which taqueria to try first.

My first stop was at Indio, a local restaurant along 63rd and Pulaski, that always seems to be packed. While they were definitely yummy,they didn’t quite have the wow factor I was looking for.

Next on my list: Tacos Villa, based on a recommendation from someone who knows the area well, and Zacatacos, which is supposed to have delicious char-grilled fillings.

Where do you go in Chicago when you want tacos?

I died when I saw this.

[images via pinterest]

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  1. Kelly

    I’m the hispanic one, remember?

    And I’m dressing my child like that on his/her first halloween…

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