On my mind…

Leaving work early on a Friday is great.
It’s even better when it’s already a three-day weekend.
It’s not so great when it’s a cloudy, gray day with threats of scattered thunderstorms.
It’s also not great when you make grand plans in your head and then accidentally take a nap.

However: excited for a return visit to the dog park.
It has been too long since Frasier has seen his pooch friends.
This is a great cause to support, especially this weekend.
But every other weekend too.
If you want to read more happy pup stories, read this.
Dream job=working for the ASPCA.
Dream weekend=laying on the beach and being able to afford all of the awesome 4th of July sales.
Reality=lots of traveling back and forth with a little fun in between.

[images via pinterest]

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