Weekend in photos

Checked out the Printer’s Row Lit Fest for the first time (Chicklet was photographed by a Tribune photographer:), enjoyed some homemade carnitas and took a tour of some brand new businesses in the city. [check out H+ Records and Big Shoulders Coffee!!] Happy end of Monday!

Chicago is the city that showed the world how to work hard, build high and laugh while doing it. And you’re a part of it. Every morning you get up with a renewed determination to make your piece of our great city just a little better. Big Shoulders Coffee was created specifically for hard-working Chicagoans like you: a perfectly roasted, no-nonsense brew delivered fast and hot in our signature one-size fits all cup. No fancy lingo required. [seriously, this coffee is so good]

[top photo via Antonio Perez for the Chicago Tribune]


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2 responses to “Weekend in photos

  1. Looks like a good weekend… but it looks like poor Chicklet is still sporting the lampshade look.

  2. Hoping to have it off on Friday :)

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