Dog shaming

I had stumbled across this hilarious site, Dogshaming, on Facebook the other day and then a co-worker shared it with me today. Needless to say we had quite the time at work laughing at all the photos.

I know some people may say this site is cruel in some way, but I think any pet owner who goes through the trouble of writing out their phrase and posing their pup probably loves them a whole lot. There’s nothin’ like pokin’ a little fun at your pooch every now and then. Next step: getting little Chick and Frasier on there.

(All photos via Dogshaming)


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4 responses to “Dog shaming

  1. Mom

    Not funny at all. Poor pups can’t defend themselves and it’s not nice to make fun of someone, even a pup!! I say shame on the blogger!

  2. You’re no fun! It’s supposed to be silly, not mean-spirited.

  3. I think they’re hilarious. I have two dogs, and without comic relief I would go insane. Sometimes, if I didn’t laugh from the insanity of having three pets, I would cry. I prefer laughing! :)

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