Weekend photos.

Not sure how this is comfortable.

The weekend flew by, especially since I spent almost all day on Saturday volunteering for the Safe Humane Court Case program at Animal Care and Control. It was an intense experience and I’d love to share more about, which I will. But first, a few photos from the rest of the weekend which was cool and somewhat relaxing.

Breakfast at a local diner. Chick was surprisingly less of a beggar dog than normal.

The perfect place to enjoy a Sunday morning.


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2 responses to “Weekend photos.

  1. Caitlin, that top photo of Chick (?) is really funny! I used to have a beggar cat…now I just have 2 “semi – normal” ones! Nice blog!

  2. Ha, yes little Chick(let) is quite the ham. Those pesky pets are always begging, aren’t they?!

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