Dogs in the kitchen

With the weather cooling down and me trying to act like an adult by cooking more, I decided to bring out my crock pot earlier this week in the hopes of making a new recipe. I spent the night before prepping the ingredients and the next morning I had everything simmering and cooking. But as it grew time for me to leave for work, I started panicking and worrying that it wouldn’t be safe to leave the slow cooker on all day, especially with little Chick in the apartment. I kept rationalizing that people do this all the time, that this is what slow cookers are made for, that it would only be on the low setting. But in the end, I conceded, put everything in the fridge and fired it up on high as soon as I got home. Better safe than sorry, right? What do you think? Would you leave a slow cooker on all day with your pup in the home?

(Photo via A Well Traveled Woman)


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9 responses to “Dogs in the kitchen

  1. I have left a slow cooker on while I’ve been at work before with the dogs in the house and let me tell you all I did was worry about it when I had a free moment. So now I only use it when I’m home. It’s still a good idea b/c you can prep and then dinner is ready in a few hours!

  2. Oh that makes me feel so much better! I kept imagining the worst so I was glad I ended up waiting.

  3. I always leave the crock pot on with the dogs in the house.

  4. Aunt Chris

    I don’t have any pets and I still DON’T feel safe leafing my crock pot on when I’m not home. Would worry about a dog if I had one – I’m sure the smells would attract any pet.

  5. I worry too much to leave the crockpot on when the dog is home alone. I am glad I am not the only one.

  6. I think you made the right decision! You would have been so preoccupied about it the whole day, and it’s always better to be on the safe side of things… especially when dogs and food are two parts of the equation!

  7. Stephanie

    Had a neighbor who had two dogs and left the crockpot sitting on the stove area and plugged in. The dog could smell the food and kept jumping up and down, accidentally turning on the burner, which started to melt the cord on the crockpot. Thank goodness they had a smoke detector and alarm system. The smoke set off the alarm and everyone got out safe. You just never know! I too get near hysteria about anything concerning my pets and I am so lucky to work at home! Glad to see animal love and pet paranoia run in the family! LOL!

    Your mom’s cousin

  8. Hah! Omg that really made the case for me. That is exactly the kind of weird thing I would worry about, and it’s actually happened before. Phew! Thank goodness everything turned out alright.

  9. So true. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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