Adopt a Shelter Dog Month






October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and so it’s the perfect time to announce something special: I’m in training to become the new Volunteer Coordinator for One Tail at a Time, the rescue group little Chick is from! I think OTAT does a wonderful job in making this city a better place for dogs.

They pull many of their pups from Chicago Animal Care and Control, which is one of the worst places on Earth. They put all of their pups in foster homes so no pup is ever sitting in a shelter and they do a ton of humane education, working to educate people about why you don’t breed discriminate and why you need to spay or neuter your pup.

So going forward it will be my job to make sure all of the volunteers are on the up and up and that we have enough folks at all of our events. Yesterday I hosted my first volunteer orientation and while it involved a bit of public speaking (ack!) it went well and I met some fabulous new people. Cheers to being around fellow dog freaks a lot more often!

(All photos from OTAT’s Facebook page – check ’em out!)


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4 responses to “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

  1. What a great job to have! And, rewarding too!

  2. Mom

    Good job! I bet you are a great public speaker!

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