Saying goodbye

Last week I learned that one of my oldest friends had to put her family dog to sleep.

My friend Sarah and I have known each other since we were six years old and I remember the day she came to school in fourth grade and announced that her family was getting a new dog. She was a beautiful husky named Mikayla and full of energy; she was so, so sweet. She attended all of our sleepover parties, played with us outside in the snow and hogged the couch when we tried to watch movies. It broke my heart to learn that it was her time to go, and I hope the day I have to say goodbye to my family pups, Frasier and Ginger, is a long, long ways away. How do you say goodbye to someone that has been a part of your family for the past fifteen years? Gosh, makes my heart hurt.

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3 responses to “Saying goodbye

  1. jmslusk

    Honestly, a small part of me shies away from getting a dog because of this exact reason. It’s so heart-breaking to even think about!

  2. It’s painful to go through, but I think you have to look back on all the great memories you shared together and remember just how much they loved you.

  3. Oh, don’t let that discourage you Jill! The amount of love they give you is way too worth it!!

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