Rain, rain go away.

Sometimes a rain shower in autumn can be the perfect excuse to curl up with your pup, a magazine and lounge on the couch without feeling guilty. But then your pup needs to go out and you don’t have a yard. So you’re forced to bundle up, put on rain boots and drag your pup outside one last time before bed. Walking a dog in the rain is cumbersome, annoying and not so enjoyable, but it’s just one of those things you have to do.

Anyone have any tips for keeping yourself and your pup warm and dry?



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6 responses to “Rain, rain go away.

  1. melissa rohrbaugh

    Great Picture! Our walks are brief and fast. Murray has a fleece lined rain coat and we try to pick tree lined streets!

  2. Rain jackets for all! And of course use that umbrella and the boots.

  3. Just ordered a jacket! Hoping it helps!

  4. Ohh tree lined streets, good idea!

  5. Sara Buck

    I know you just got a jacket, but just FYI, my little Frida, who is a chihuahua/minpin mix (so she hates the cold), has a raincoat from here http://www.k9apparel.com (and a little fleece that goes under it for particularly cold days). She loves it and often doesn’t want to come back inside when we are out on walks in the rain. It’s like she is wearing a suit of armor (except that it is super cute, in addition to being practical).

  6. Wow, I just checked these out! They look awesome. I’m kind of in love with the chihuahua hood. The jacket we just ordered is supposed to arrive in a few days, but I’m definitely adding one of these to the must-have list! Thanks for the tip!

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