Chick votes

Chick exercised her right to vote at Soggy Paws this morning, and although she chose red for “Mutt Romney” we know in our hearts that she’s a “Bark Obama” supporter through and through :)

Cheers to the fine folks at for making voting fun for pups too, and for encouraging everyone, humans and otherwise, that it’s truly a privilege to be able to vote.


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3 responses to “Chick votes

  1. It’s a really cute idea… I wonder who won the pup vote???

  2. Thanks so much for the mention and sharing Chick’s experience! The final results as of last night were 54% for Bark Obama and 45% for Mutt Romney with 1% Undecided. There will be additional demographic information such as voting by breed, gender and age posted on the AllRoverTown Facebook page ( tonight.

  3. Bark Obama, but it was close!

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