A few very special photos

Chicklet’s sweet foster mom is a professional photographer and was kind enough to take a few (read: over 25) photos of the three of us not to long ago in Humboldt Park. We just got the photos back yesterday and they turned out wonderfully. We can’t thank Kelly enough and if you are in the Chicagoland area in need of some sweet photos, she is your person. Thank you Kelly!

Here are a few kind words from her:
Chicklet the Chihuahua was our first foster dog. The wonderful dog rescue, One Tail at a Time, saved 7-year old Chicklet from the Chicago city shelter and brought her to us to foster. She stayed with us for about a month while we waited for someone to adopt her and be her forever home. In the month she was with us, we totally fell in love with Chicklet and the little nugget became part of our family :)

Anyone who has fostered a dog before knows how hard it can be to let them go – especially your first foster dog. The day Chicklet got adopted there was a mixture of emotions – extreme happiness that she was getting a forever home with a very nice couple, but sadness because I thought I would never see her cute little face again. I’m not gonna lie – I cried!

I am so lucky that Chicklet’s family has kept in touch with me so I can see how happy they all are together! And if that wasn’t cool enough, they hired me to take their family photos and I got to have a reunion.
Chicklet really hit the jackpot with her new mom & dad – her mom even has a blog called The Girl and Her Dog And if you’re looking to adopt a dog or become a foster home to a dog in need, One Tail at a Time is an awesome rescue to work with.

(All photos c/o Kelly Johnson Photography)


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4 responses to “A few very special photos

  1. Aw, what sweet words and what great photos!

  2. These are so great! I’ve always thought we should get some photos with our pooches too. I love how yours turned out!

  3. Thank you!! I would totally recommend it – it was such a fun experience and something you’ll have forever!

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