No tree here

The first thing one tends to think of when it comes to Christmas decorations is a Christmas tree. While Josh and I agreed last year that we would get a tree this year (after I convinced him that a fake tree was the way to go–real trees can be harmful to dogs, right?). But then we took a trip to the store and realized how expensive fake trees are (yes, we are that cheap)! So we decided to forego one for now. I can’t decide if this was a good decision yet or not.

Do you decorate with a tree, or no?

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3 responses to “No tree here

  1. When I was little we had a real tree almost every year but we did live fairly close to a tree farm. Now that I’m grown up and married I’ve decided to go the fake route. I don’t want the dogs to get into a live tree and the fake one can be used over and over again.

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