It’s kind of hard to believe that I turn 25 today. It sort of feels like I’m perpetually 18. But I’ve officially entered my mid-twenties. Whoa. I realize this is young, but for all of you out there older than me, I know you felt this way too and thought it was ancient. I plan on having a low-key night and I’m excited to have tomorrow off from work, which means I get to sleep in. And that’s really all you can ask for.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your “birthday weekend”!

  2. jmslusk

    Happy birthday!! I kind of bugged out when I turned 25, because it seemed so old, but now I’ve realized that, to a lot of people, 25 sounds a lot more mature (in a good way) than 24. You’re not written off as “just a 24-year-old” anymore (or so it seems to me, at least)!

  3. Happy Birthday! My boyfriend also turns 25 today, and we both adopted OTAT dogs! What a small world :)

  4. I completely agree! It’s a scary thing, though..

  5. Thanks! I hope your adventure is going great!

  6. So far so good, I do my hubby and pups though!

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