One headlight.


While I haven’t been living in the city for very long, I somehow forgot how dark the suburbs are once the sun goes down. There are no streetlights, no bright billboards, it’s just plain old dark. So dark that I need an actual headlight to walk the dogs in the morning and at night. I don’t even care that I got a few random looks. How do people out here walk their pups otherwise?! And why did I not remember this?


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5 responses to “One headlight.

  1. lori

    cute!!! and they work wonderfully!!

  2. I’ve never seen anyone wear a light when walking their dogs before… good idea!

  3. It’s so funny how dark the suburbs are…and whenever we see a random person walking down the street in the suburbs it’s kind of scary too (like why would people walk somewhere out here??). I almost feel more scared out there then I do in the middle of the city. Love the headlamp!

  4. I completely agree!! I feel safer in my city apartment any day.

  5. Ha, I don’t think the neighbors have ever seen it either!

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