One year later


One year ago today, someone surrendered sweet Chick to Chicago Animal Control where she would spend the next 11 days until Anna Friedman would pick her out from hundreds of other dogs and One Tail at a Time would come to the rescue.

From there she would spend over a month with Kelly Jo until Josh Hilgendorf and I saw her photo and became instantly hooked.

In that one year she has been featured in the Chicago Tribune on Take your Pet to Work Day, joined Chicago SociaBulls to hang with the big guys (sweet pits can love a feisty chi), been enrolled in a Canine Good Citizen Class, had her picture taken by a professional photographer (cc: Kelly Johnson Photography) and plastered onto an Xmas card.

She has made numerous visits to the nursing home where my grandma who has always been terrified of dogs decided suddenly she would love Chick, met the very special dogs I grew up with who I wish I still lived with, attended Christmas dinner with a crazy sweet bulldog pup and survived, and now sleeps above my head every night. What a year, Chick. Love you sweet pup!!

(Photo via Kelly Johnson Photography)


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7 responses to “One year later

  1. I’d say you’ve had a great year Chick! And, here’s to many more!

  2. That’s one awesome year – cheers to many many more!

  3. Julie

    Thanks for the smile! Glad to hear it has gone so well

  4. What a great first year in her Forever home!! I love that y’all hang out with SociaBulls! It’s funny but the pitties seem to just love the little dogs. I know Roo does! Happy Adoptaversary, Chick!

  5. It is cute how the bigs ones like the little ones. If anyone is not liking someone, it’s usually Chick being the snot!

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