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Chihuahua party

Chicklet (image)
On Sunday, Josh and I took Chick to her very own birthday party at Chicago Party Animals. For other dog lovers out there, this is totally normal I swear:)

Chick is a member of Perry Dog’s Downtown Chicago Chihuahua MeetUp, where they regularly host puppy play dates. Usually Chick isn’t the most social of dogs, but she had a blast this time. She spent the better part of an hour scavenging and making new friends while we stood by, thoroughly amused. It’s so important to socialize your dog and this was the perfect opportunity – fun for us and fun for Chick since it was all small dogs and a low-key atmosphere. The best part though was that it was also a benefit for the Almost Home Foundation (Chick brought a bag of treats to share, of course).

Until next time!
Chick makes friends (image)
Chick in a group (image)
Chick and Caitlin (image)
Group shot (image)


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Christmas traditions


Christmas is a sneaky little holiday and I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away. This is a slight problem because I realized I haven’t done anything very festive yet. One thing I do each year though is watch the movie Prancer. With Sam Elliot (aka the voice of “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner”) and a real live Prancer set in the 1980s it’s hard to beat.

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Pillow hog






Someone sure loves burying herself in pillows. Meanwhile, Gin realizes she doesn’t quite fit in that tiny bed. We are back at our apartment now, but I sure do miss my sweet old girl!

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Talking to your pup

Yesterday I read a post from Two Pitties in the City about talking to your dogs, and I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one. In fact, what dog owner doesn’t talk to his or her pup? I talk to my dogs all the time – it just feels natural. Is it weird that it feels natural? A while back I was walking down the stairs in our apartment building carrying Chick. I held her up to the window to tell her how pretty she was when a few other tenants walked in at the exact same time. #embarrassing

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The world’s tallest dog

Before little Chick came along I had a thing for big dogs. While I’ve learned how fun small dogs can be, I still get giddy with giant pups that more closely resemble moose (thank you Fray and Gin). But I was not prepared when I saw this gentle giant. This big guy named Zeus is officially the tallest dog in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. When standing on his hind legs, he measures over seven feet tall. Kind of ridiculous, no?

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