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Oak Park does it right

A while back Josh and I met my dad for dinner at Maya del Sol, a Latin American restaurant in Oak Park. When I was growing up, my great aunt lived in Oak Park and we used to often visit her. We’d have lunch at a little pancake diner on the corner of Lake Street or we’d have dinner at Leona’s. I used to think Oak Park was so old school and glamorous, especially in her vintage apartment. Oak Park still has its charm and after doing some research, this restaurant is the place to be. Josh and I were on board, but my dad wasn’t convinced. That changed though as soon as the nachos arrived, and the enchiladas. I stuck with my usual rice and beans, but it didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t even a crumb left for Chick.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Musicbox Theatre
Last weekend, Josh and I stood in line (okay, just Josh) for the chance to get into a free early screening of Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Tickets were free, it was an early release of the movie (it won’t hit most movie theaters in Chicago until next weekend), and there was a Q&A session with Mr. Anderson himself (think: The Royal Tenenbaums) so the line was l.o.n.g.

Josh toughed it out in the cold for over two hours, I was in it for about thirty minutes. Woops. But in the end we were lucky and got seats. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the movie at first, but as it played on, it totally grew on me and I definitely recommend it! It was also my first time at the Music Box Theatre, and I can’t wait to go back. It’s one of those old-timey places that reminds me of The Tivoli, where we used to go way back in the day growing up.

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Getting better


Yesterday we took Chick on her second Sociabulls walk and I’m happy to report she did much, much better! She kept up pace and because we’ve been practicing our leash walking skills (somewhat) she was able to listen and focus so she could stay on task. I think this bodes well for future outings. Good job, Chick!


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Weekend in photos





On Friday we attended the Houndstooth Ball and it was wonderful. Lots of money was raised, Chick made some new friends and nearly inhaled her pupcake. Not to mention the venue, Architectural Artifacts, was lovely. The best part, though, was seeing all of the wonderful dogs who were adopted over the past year, who could have just as easily met a different fate at the city shelter.

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