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Sandwiches + States

Sandwiches are by far my most favorite food. So when I came across this design project called Stately Sandwiches, where one girl sets out to make the sandwich for each state, I was hooked. It sounds like the perfect excuse to try a new sandwich every week. The sandwich for Illinois: Italian beef. Pretty spot on. Although I’d be down to try the California too:)

[via Cup of Jo; photos via]

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A long weekend

Over the long weekend, Chicklet came along with us to Wisconsin, where she thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and exploring new ground. She sure is cute. I am dying for her to meet Frasier. We also enjoyed scenic views of Rock Lake and the famous Legion burgers.


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Crazy cool hotels

I’m not one to notice awesome, innovative architecture when it comes to hotels. Usually I’m fine with a clean bathroom, comfy bed, AC and a TV. And free continental breakfast, of course. But when I saw photos from some really sweet hotels around the world, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to stay in some of them.

photos via 1, 2, 3, 4

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Warm weather + Brazil

The warm weather this week has me dreaming of tropical getaways. Like Brazil. Kind of amazing, right? Although these high temps tend to bring out the crazies around work and violence seems to be on the uptick, I just hope this warmth is a sign of a truly toasty summer.

images via here and here

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Phoenix, part II

Besides doing some exploring and admiring the Southwestern scenery, I also managed to enjoy a thoroughly sports-filled weekend while in Phoenix. Not only did I attend two Phoenix Suns games, but I also made it to a spring training Brewers game; where I promptly snoozed in the sun and enjoyed a $6 order of nachos. But my favorite excursion: the Phoenix Zoo. Seriously the best zoo I’ve been to.


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