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Phoenix, part I

A week ago today we were returning to Chicago from Phoenix, reminiscing about the warm weather and well, the warm weather. Traveling to Phoenix was the first time I had been to the Southwest, and hopefully not my last. The weather was ideal, the people were kind, the city was clean, the scenery was gorgeous. But I can honestly say that as nice of a place as Phoenix is, it was no Chicago. In all its glory and grit, Chicago is a real city and Phoenix just can’t compare to that.


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Every species

Have you ever thought about how many different animal species there are on Earth? I never really have, until I saw this article about a National Geographic photographer who has made it his goal to photograph every species in zoos and aquariums around the world. Joel Sartore is hoping to bring attention to many species who are already endangered, through his venture called the Biodiversity Project. Pretty neat, right?

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Thank goodness its (almost) Friday

After returning from Phoenix early on Tuesday (as in 2:30am early), I’ve been struggling to catch up on sleep and get back into a normal routine. While I’m glad to be back I’m still feeling the aftereffects of post vacation blues. I’d love to share some photos of the trip next week, but in the meantime I thought I’d share these hilarious pictures. They’ve been circulating the web for quite a few days now, but I just can’t get enough. Check out more photos of Maddie on Things here.

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