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What she thinks

Wrapping a present.
Who would make such hideous pink flowered, wrapping paper?
Sorry cousin, it’s your gift.
This was all there was.
Brushing the dog > wrapping gifts.
Why, though, does this dog not enjoy being brushed?
He looks 9340283 better with soft fluffy hair, over scraggly wiry hair.
The average cost of a small Dunkin Donuts iced coffee should not exceed .99. Ever.
A friend today claimed coffee is the worst thing you can put in your body, including alcohol.
She says she heard this from a doctor.
I believe her, and him, but why is coffee so delicious? Especially Dunkin Donuts coffee.
It just tastes better.
Guilty pleasures.
Iced coffee and bad TV.
Does anyone remember the TLC show, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant?
This was the topic of many fits of giggles at dinner this evening.
I think we made the older gentleman sitting next to us get up and leave.
But, seriously, come on. It’s just too funny.

I wonder if they're laughing about ridiculous reality television too.

Although, I don’t think that’s what TLC was going for.
It wasn’t destined to be a classic anyways.
One day I would like to be a regular at a favorite restaurant.
To talk about silly things that have nothing to do with anything, eat good food, leave bad tips (like I think I may have accidentally done tonight), and still be invited back.
Like the kind of regular you only find in TV shows.
Like Cheers.
Or Friends.
Or How I Met Your Mother.
Or Gilmore Girls.
Definitely Gilmore Girls.


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Black and white

More often than not, I’m drawn to black and white photography over color. To me, black and white photos are not only classic and timeless, but far more dramatic than color photos. Not to mention that before black and white became more chic than color, it was the only option.

Black and white is about being transported to a different time and place; a completely new era. And that’s exactly how I felt once I saw these new photos my uncle put up in my grandma’s room at the nursing home.


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More than a little lost

This morning on my way to work, I spotted a stray dog much too close to the busy thoroughfare that is 63rd Street. So of course I pulled over to see if I could get to him. What I planned to do if that happened, I wasn’t sure.

As I jogged down the sidewalk, I ended up in the parking lot of a local grocery store, just a few feet from the lost pooch. I could tell he had been lost for a minute because his fur was slightly matted and dirty, he looked scared and nervous, and he must have been famished; he was picking for garbage and in the 90+ degree weather, I’m sure he was probably aching for some water.

Although he came close enough for me to offer a few pats on the head, he was still too scared to follow. Unfortunately I didn’t have a leash or dog treats on me so it became a lost cause as soon as he ran off. Even a quick drive down the alley behind the market proved to be fruitless. And I’m sure my eventual call to animal control was just as ineffective. Even worse is the fact that this wasn’t the first time I’ve come across stray dogs on the Southwest side of the city, and it’s awfully disheartening. So here’s to keeping a stash of treats, a bowl of water and a simple leash in the Jeep from now on.

This is one lucky pooch.


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A cool sip

With the intense heat wave enveloping the Chicagoland area for the past few days, driving around town has not been so fun thanks to the non-functioning AC in the Jeep. Fortunately that should all change tomorrow thanks to the good (expensive) folks at Quality Tire and Auto.

All this heat, however, makes for some seriously delicious and refreshing drinks. Forget cold water or an icy fountain drink (which are all delicious in their own right), but it’s the fun drinks (which sadly cost $7+) that are the most fun.

My new favorite: Basil raspberry lemonade from Another Round Bar and Grill in downtown Downers Grove. When my cousin and I were forced to head into the suburban mainstream due to two sold out movies, we were pleasantly surprised with our cool drinks, filling veggie platter and highly amusing waitress.

Basil raspberry lemonade


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Official start of summer

I wish I had some crazy good excuse about why I took a weeklong break, but sadly, I don’t. Sometimes life just gets a little messy. To anyone who actually reads what I write on here, however, I hope you will excuse my absence and still continue to read!


Although last weekend was Memorial Day–the unofficial start to summer just about everywhere–and I was able to enjoy some truly summeresque festivities, including a wedding, baseball game (plus obligatory hot dog) and a bike ride around Rock Lake, it wasn’t until yesterday that I received the mandatory first sunburn of the season.

Skin should not be that red.

Yesterday afternoon was perfect beach weather, so Kate, Seebs and I embarked on a downtown adventure complete with a train ride, a walk from Ogilvie to Oak Street Beach, some VERY ANNOYING tween girls that could be considered the downfall of society, and a sunburn like no other. No matter how much (or how little) sunscreen we put on, we never learn.


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