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A free day

Where do you go when 20 minute long storms rip through the neighborhood? You go home of course.

This morning when I arrived at work, I couldn’t get my gate clicker to open the gate into the parking lot. While I was saw that no other cars were parked in the lot, instead of coming to the conclusion that our office was out of power, it took me several seconds of sitting in the alley and two phone calls–one to my mom and one to my dad–to realize it. No, there had not been a freak accident and no, I was not being left out of some grand scheme to take Monday off, but yes, our office may be without power.

Did you know that when the power is out, your life basically shuts down. Without power, there are no working phones, no working computers, and hence no access to email. There is no air conditioning, no ability to use the copy machine, no way to make coffee and no way to refrigerate your lunch. Oh, and there are no lights.

So you get a free day. You get to go home. You get to change into shorts, watch the end of the Today Show, check your personal email and get sucked into old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210.

And then the power at home goes out. This is 10 million times worse than having the power go out at work. You think you have time now to catch up on magazines, paint your nails, take an extra walk with your pooch; and you do all of that, but secretly you just want to sit on the couch and watch soap operas all day.

The world needs more free days.

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Fear of boats

When you live in Lake Mills, Wis. I suppose there is no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than to cruise Rock Lack by boat. When you’ve never before been on a boat, however, that scenario can be quite daunting.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn’t have much choice in the matter as Josh dragged me onto the boat of a friend. As my initial nerves wore off and I dared to open my eyes, I discovered it wasn’t so bad after all.


Invasive zebra mussel. Gross.

Where all the locals go?


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Frasier’s foray into the city

On Sunday, Frasier, who is undoubtedly a suburban dog through and through, had his first visit into the city in 12 years. What started as a ride down I-55, along Lake Shore Drive and through Rogers Park, ended with an early afternoon jaunt at the Montrose Dog Beach.

Accompanied by my uncle visiting from Portland, Josh and myself, Frasier quickly adapted to the beachy terrain. True to form, he ignored the countless other dogs, steered clear of the water, and instead opted to patrol the shore while doggedly (pun intended) marking his scent all across the beach.

One tired pup.

I think a return trip is most definitely in order.


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On my mind…

Leaving work early on a Friday is great.
It’s even better when it’s already a three-day weekend.
It’s not so great when it’s a cloudy, gray day with threats of scattered thunderstorms.
It’s also not great when you make grand plans in your head and then accidentally take a nap.

However: excited for a return visit to the dog park.
It has been too long since Frasier has seen his pooch friends.
This is a great cause to support, especially this weekend.
But every other weekend too.
If you want to read more happy pup stories, read this.
Dream job=working for the ASPCA.
Dream weekend=laying on the beach and being able to afford all of the awesome 4th of July sales.
Reality=lots of traveling back and forth with a little fun in between.

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