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Here today, gone tomorrow

When I read yesterday that Borders was going out of business, it felt like a blow to the stomach.

I grew up taking frequent trips to the library with my mom, reaping the benefits of school book fairs with my dad and relishing a good story before bed. When I was little (okay, maybe now too) I would have rather spent my time reading a good book than socializing with my neighbor. I can still remember summer nights spent browsing through the bookstore looking for my latest treasure.

Sure, I can still enjoy a good book on an e-reader or iPad, neither of which I have, but there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when walking into a real, live, breathing bookstore.

RIP Borders.

If my future house has a room like this, that would be alright with me.

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Glad you were here

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with two old (relatively speaking) friends from college. [She said as though she’s been out of college for years.] There is nothing like meeting up with someone who you haven’t seen in weeks, months even, and being able to pick up right where you left off. I am lucky to know such lovely and talented ladies. With one about to close on her first condo and the other teaching English in Costa Rica, I am in good company.

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From Harry Potter to Hyde Park

I started off my weekend with a midnight showing of the final installment to Harry Potter. While I was initially dreading seeing such a late show since I can barely keep my eyes open past 10:30 during the week, the movie more than made up for itself.

If only the same could be said for a Goose Rita. What is a Goose Rita, you ask? A margarita from Goose Island. While Goose Island has some worthy food (I recommend the vegetable chili) and some decent (I assume) craft beers (gross), their margaritas may need some work. Maybe.

Confession: I consistently order $5+ drinks that I think sound good, and then can’t drink more than 1/4 of them.

A problem my Gram just does not have. With the steamy weather this weekend, she was more than happy to accept a cool treat in the form of a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s. Her face when she gets an ice cream treat is priceless. But not as amusing as when she falls asleep at the table.

Also priceless, er I mean grossly overpriced: homes in Hyde Park. After taking a tour of the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods on the South side of the city, I was more than impressed.

Aside from the homes however, I was unsure of what else HP had to offer, and so my quest for the perfect Chicago neighborhood continues.


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Dog tired

If I feel this tired now, how will I feel tomorrow when I am out with all of the HP freaks? #doesntbodewell

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A biking fiend

Up until recently, I wasn’t much of a biker (as evidenced here). Okay, I’m still not much of a biker, but this past Saturday I was more of a cyclist than I’ve ever been before.

Along with my dad and Josh, I successfully completed the 2011 L.A.T.E. ride in Chicago. This means that I cycled around the city for 25 miles in the middle of the night with 9,999 other crazy people. Not only was it a good time, but it got me thinking about other races. Next up: A 35-mile ride through Chicago’s South Side at the end of August.


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