Birthday is over.

{Bday flowers from Dad.}

25 was a good day, but I’m kind of sad that it’s over. We went out to dinner at a diner nearby (I was hoping to recreate Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls and I love sandwiches; Josh was rather dismayed) and then out to lunch at Pompeii the next day with my dad. This week I’m catching up with my sweet Ginny while my mom is away and I’m happy to say that she and Chick are getting along just fine — by ignoring each other.


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6 responses to “Birthday is over.

  1. I’m always a little sad too when my birthday passes, not because I’m older but because that was my special day and it’s over. Isn’t that selfish of me?

    I’m glad though you had a good day and are getting some catch up time!

  2. Happy late birthday Caitlin! I am happy to hear that you had a great time and are happily settling into your new year… I think its totally fine to stretch out a birthday for at least a week or so! :-)

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  4. Thank you for the kind wishes!!

  5. Thank you! Hope you are enjoying your trip!

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