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Because it’s Monday

Nothing like a few grainy iPhone photos to start your Monday.

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Come to brunch

Sometimes brunch seems like it’s the most snobbiest meal. It’s not necessary, unlike breakfast, it’s not as exciting as a dinner out on the town and it’s not as humble as my favorite: the afternoon snack. In fact, Josh and I often joke about how we hate the term, “let’s do brunch,” but my friend Seebs swears by it, and she knows her stuff.

I’ve mentioned the court case dogs from Safe Humane Chicago before, and this time there’s brunch involved. One Tail at a Time, in conjunction with SHC and Taverna 750, is hosting a brunch and wine tasting to benefit these pups. Over the years, SHC has saved many, many pups from an otherwise cruel fate, and OTAT has taken in close to 20 of these dogs, all whom have since been adopted into loving homes. So if you’re in the Chicago area, come sip mimosas with us and nibble on tasty vegan treats. You can buy tickets right here.


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A first pup

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this old photo of a pooch named Buffy. My parents adopted her from the Hinsdale Humane Society before I even existed. I still tell my parents that she hated me, and I think she probably was a little jealous when I came around. But she sure was cute. Happy Monday :)

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The worst

dog sweater
The worst is when you find a new dog sweater (thanks, Target) to add to your collection, but then you discover it’s sold out in your size and/or not currently available online. #firstworldproblems I have.

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On resolutions and such

I normally don’t make resolutions for the new year. If I don’t successfully complete them, it just seems like I’m setting myself up for failure. Also, I think maybe the last time I made a resolution it was to eat less Taco Bell. This was most likely circa 15 years ago.

I still like Taco Bell, but times have changed. So this year, I’m opting to start blogging again. In 2013 I started a new job while continuing to work for my old employer during weeknights and weekends. I continued to volunteer with One Tail at a Time and joined their Board of Directors. Something had to give. So yesterday when I recycled my old planner and opened my new one (yes, I’m still someone who pencils tasks in a weekly planner and not into my iPhone), I decided my 2014 goal would be to write down and share my adventures here in this space once again.

Just over a week ago, I had to say goodbye to one of my oldest pals, the pup I grew up with. Frasier would have been 15 today, and while I know it was his time to go, it was a traumatic and heartbreaking experience that I still can’t stop thinking about. So dear pal, 2014 is for writing things down more. Because sometimes you have to say good-bye.


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