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A savored day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home, which meant I was able to indulge a bit while I did my work. So while the weather was the coldest it’s been in two years and little Chick could barely stand a walk around the block, I took a drive over to Star Lounge Coffee Bar.

This place crossed my path because I had read that dogs were welcome (pups in a coffee house? yes please!), but alas, it’s only in the summertime and out back on the patio. It was no Dunkin and they asked her to leave nicely when a fellow patron who also thought dogs were welcome brought her black lab along. Dog friendly coffee shops, anyone?

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One headlight.


While I haven’t been living in the city for very long, I somehow forgot how dark the suburbs are once the sun goes down. There are no streetlights, no bright billboards, it’s just plain old dark. So dark that I need an actual headlight to walk the dogs in the morning and at night. I don’t even care that I got a few random looks. How do people out here walk their pups otherwise?! And why did I not remember this?


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Got a kick out of this one. So true.

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Sweet November.

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s November already, but I couldn’t be more excited. Most people dread the start of colder days and how it tends to be dark by the time 5pm rolls around, but I love the coziness of this month and all of the holiday festivities that are just starting to begin(it’s perfectly acceptable to start hanging decorations and listening to Christmas music right?;).

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New bike

Earlier this summer on the Fourth of July, we so very rudely discovered that our bikes had been stolen overnight. It was a hard way to learn about city living, but we quickly recovered and reevaluated our safety measures and won’t be letting that happen again. A few weeks ago I finally got a new bike thanks to Craigslist and I couldn’t be happier. I spent a half hour riding through Humboldt Park yesterday evening and I can’t wait to get a new basket for little Chick!


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