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Fall fun

While the first official day of fall was last week, I’ve been excited for a while now. I’m happy to keep the windows open, to take long walks without melting and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte (of course). I’m not sure what it is about this season, but as bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to summer, I’m always content to welcome this cozy, colorful, crisp season.

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Zoo trip

I’m lucky enough to have today and tomorrow off from work so Kelly and I are taking our littlest cousin out for a day in the city. Read more


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Weekend in photos

Checked out the Printer’s Row Lit Fest for the first time (Chicklet was photographed by a Tribune photographer:), enjoyed some homemade carnitas and took a tour of some brand new businesses in the city. [check out H+ Records and Big Shoulders Coffee!!] Happy end of Monday!

Chicago is the city that showed the world how to work hard, build high and laugh while doing it. And you’re a part of it. Every morning you get up with a renewed determination to make your piece of our great city just a little better. Big Shoulders Coffee was created specifically for hard-working Chicagoans like you: a perfectly roasted, no-nonsense brew delivered fast and hot in our signature one-size fits all cup. No fancy lingo required. [seriously, this coffee is so good]

[top photo via Antonio Perez for the Chicago Tribune]


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Wrigley Field

Josh and I went to Wrigley Field earlier this week to watch the Cubs play the Brewers. It was an evening game so the weather was chilly and we had to cave to purchase the $3.50 hot chocolate they were selling (I had to forsake my coveted nachos for this!). Even though I tend to think baseball games last far too long and the environment surrounding Wrigley Field can be a bit too “drunken debauchery” the history behind the stadium is hard to resist. Of course, the Brewers won, and I realized I do not know one single player on the Cubs team. Woops.

[bottom photos via here and here; top photo via Josh at the game]

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Phoenix, part II

Besides doing some exploring and admiring the Southwestern scenery, I also managed to enjoy a thoroughly sports-filled weekend while in Phoenix. Not only did I attend two Phoenix Suns games, but I also made it to a spring training Brewers game; where I promptly snoozed in the sun and enjoyed a $6 order of nachos. But my favorite excursion: the Phoenix Zoo. Seriously the best zoo I’ve been to.


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