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Which one?

The first day of fall is just days away, which means sweater weather is right around the corner. That means Chick needs a new coat and I’m torn. So I’m asking you all: which jacket do you like best? The Nor’easter dog blanket coat or the suede shearling? Both seem to have decent reviews and both are reasonably priced. What do you think? Yay or nay? Neither? Both? Clearly I’m in need of some guidance.

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The world’s tallest dog

Before little Chick came along I had a thing for big dogs. While I’ve learned how fun small dogs can be, I still get giddy with giant pups that more closely resemble moose (thank you Fray and Gin). But I was not prepared when I saw this gentle giant. This big guy named Zeus is officially the tallest dog in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. When standing on his hind legs, he measures over seven feet tall. Kind of ridiculous, no?

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Weekend in photos

This past weekend flew by rather quickly, but the weather was perfect, which you can’t take for granted since we probably don’t have too many more of these warm, sunny days. Friday afternoon I worked from home after attending a meeting downtown, and I have to say watching a sleeping pup was definitely a perk. Read more


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Like a fish in water

Chicklet can’t stand water, unless she’s drinking it. She won’t go outside when it rains and walks around or hops over puddles. And besides the time he fell into the pool, Fraiser doesn’t seem to have any special affinity for water either. So when I read about this pup who loves swimming with dolphins, I was seriously amused. Read more

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An old pup

Most people always go for the puppies, but I must say that I have a soft spot for older dogs. They are filled with love and wisdom, and are so sweet they make your heart melt each time they look at you with their tired eyes. Read more


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