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Chick visits Gram.

Last week Chick came with me to visit my grandma, who is in a nursing home. Chick was the talk of the town as soon as she walked inside. Everyone oohed and ahhed over her, just like a little baby. But the best part: my grandma decided to forget the fact that she’s been afraid of dogs all her life, and welcomed Chick in too. I guess there’s one teeny, tiny perk to dementia. And Chick was on her best behavior.


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Weekend in photos.

{sitting pretty.}

{forcing him to pose for a shot with me.}

{worn out after chasing him all over the house trying to put his mane on.}

{apparently not so pleased about something. photo c/o Peter Wagner.}

{my little lion!}

Over the weekend, I took my cousin’s dog Pudge to a Bulldog-only Halloween Costume Ball! He was thrilled to attend, not so thrilled to wear his lion’s mane. He loved meeting fellow bulldogs and was happy to try something new, or so I hoped. Dragging him around was quite different than Chicklet, though. I almost couldn’t lift him into the Jeep. Oy!


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Have a nice weekend.

As little Chick and I were getting off the elevator after our walk this morning, my keys fell down the elevator; they just fell straight through that little crack. You always wonder what you would do if that happened, I just stared at the crack in disbelief before rushing back to my apartment, only to realize I had to knock to be let in (that wasn’t embarrassing or anything). Fortunately, the technician was by within the hour and I got to see the pit of an elevator for the first time. Lesson learned: don’t juggle a dog’s leash while getting your keys out while stepping out of an elevator:)

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Rain, rain go away.

Sometimes a rain shower in autumn can be the perfect excuse to curl up with your pup, a magazine and lounge on the couch without feeling guilty. But then your pup needs to go out and you don’t have a yard. So you’re forced to bundle up, put on rain boots and drag your pup outside one last time before bed. Walking a dog in the rain is cumbersome, annoying and not so enjoyable, but it’s just one of those things you have to do.

Anyone have any tips for keeping yourself and your pup warm and dry?



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An artist pup.

We all like to imagine what are pups would be like with more human-esque qualities (or is that just me?), but never had I imagined I’d come across a dog that paints. Then I read about Piper, the one-eyed bulldog who paints abstract art for charity. How amazing is that?

His owner, Jessica Stone, who is an artist herself, says Piper used to follow her into the studio and just stare at her. Finally she gave him his own brush, held up some paper and watched as he held the brush in his mouth to create strokes. Now he paints regularly and 10% of every piece of his that’s sold goes toward the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.

Jessica says: “I think what’s so beautiful about her work and so unique is that it’s completely free. A human could never do what she does because even if we think we’re being free, we still are watching, we still have some kind of control. And she’s not controlled at all, and her pieces are just so carefree and whimsical, and they amaze me.”

(All photos from Dogster)


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